LUVE is the Graduation Fest organized by its last year’s graduates, and stands for Leiden University Visual Ethnography.

The class of ’21 presents: SHARE THE  LUVE  2021!

Our academic year has been marked by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, making many of us become aware of the need for connection. Online classes, regulations, lockdown and curfew left us feeling isolated, and craving for connection more than ever.

Now, we are relieved and proud to invite you to our annual LUVE fest where we can, finally, connect, interact and SHARE THE LUVE!

LUVE offers a stage for the works of this year’s graduates of the Visual Ethnography master of Leiden University.

Three days full of film, photo, artwork, exhibitions, good conversations and more form the base of this year’s graduation show.

Share the LUVE

LUVE Graduation Show


Leiden University
Visual Ethnography

8-9-10 October 2021

De Buurt
(Pesthuislaan 7, Leiden)


Besides a grand opening, partly taken care of by the Dutch Institute of Beeld en Geluid on friday, each day consists of three or four time slots. In every slot there will be two ‘screenings’ and space to talk about what we just experienced. After every slot there is a break and time to meet the researcher, visit the toilet and get some fresh air or a drink!

Friday08-1013:30 – 21:30
Saturday09-1012:00 – 21:00
Sunday10-1012:00 – 21:30

Note: We live in insecure times, please keep up with our social media to check for any changes in the program.

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