WeChat where the home is

Tamara Uildriks

Wechat Where the Home Is, is about how three Chinese international students use the app WeChat to feel at home in the Netherlands. WeChat is one of the most used social media in China. While few Dutch people use it, the app remains popular among the many Chinese students in the Netherlands. This popularity abroad evokes the question of what this platform has to offer for people living in a different country and how it relates to a sense of ‘home’.

Poster - WeChat where the home is



Tamara Uildriks
Tamara Uildriks

Tamara Uildriks, 23 y/o:
“The biggest thing I learned this year, and am still learning, is the many ways of visualizing an argument, how to create a coherent story from visual footage, trying to find a way through the many hours of footage that is understandable and attractive to people not present during the research. I chose this master as an addition to my background in journalism. I wanted to learn how to make a documentary, by actually making one within a given period of time.”

WeChat where the home is - Tamara Uildriks