Voices in Nature

Maarten Bekhui

After performing fieldwork at the Hatertse and Overasseltse fens, I translated the walks and talks I had with my participants into an interactive website. Various topics come together at this place, such as climate change, knowledge backgrounds, conflict, and a variety of eccentric Dutch nature. Come join my participants and me on a shared walk and experience this interesting and, above all, beautiful area full of rare flora and fauna.



Maarten Bekhuis
Maarten Bekhuis

My name is Maarten and I studied anthropology and philosophy before starting the visual anthropology masters. After reading the astonishing novel The Overstory by Richard Powers, and writing about human-nature relationships from a philosophical perspective, I wanted to dive into relatable topics as a visual anthropologist. It motivated me to research nonhuman agents within a rather human-centred discipline.

Voices in Nature - Maarten Bekhuis
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