(Un)Limited Pleasure

Linde Voorend

(Un)Limited pleasure is a documentary about experiencing sexuality, partnership and the body. In thirty minutes, Menko Dijksterhuis, Nynke Koelma and Vincent Olrichs make us think about what these experiences enclose when being in a wheelchair. On the one hand, what prejudices exist around the ‘disabled body’ and how does this influence the ways in which they experience sexuality and partnership. On the other, what dimensions of sex, intimacy and partnership do their experiences present that society ignores in for example pornography of romantic movies? This documentary shows that all human beings need and want to experience sexuality and partnership and questions the ways in which we do this.

Poster - (Un)limited Pleasure



Linde Voorend
Linde Voorend

Linde Voorend (22 years old) is an anthropologist in heart and soul. Her choice for the visual Ethnography master programme was fuelled by her drive to make anthropological topics known by a larger audience. Her work is characterized by a slightly activist stance within the anthropological field which results in a collaborative approach that runs through her documentary. Next year, she will continue to make anthropological topics more approachable, this time for kids at a secondary school.

(Un)Limited Pleasure - Linde Voorend