Tacit Traces

Simone Loth

My story illustrates how interrelated and conflicting narratives of self-identification as mixed-race raise issues about intergenerational trauma from the past and its emotional impact on the present. The film conveys the different perspectives from which I and each of my two family members negotiate our ethnic backgrounds and conveys the emotional load that came to the fore in the process of seeking out questions about our history and the ‘inherited silence’ as part of our Indo heritage.

Poster - Tacit Traces



Simone Loth
Simone Loth

Simone Loth, 29:

“I initially considered applying for this master’s as the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to studying. In hindsight, it has been one of the most fruitful years for me regarding my personal development. It is through this program and research project that I found the strength in being vulnerable and embracing a certain sensitivity. Eventually, this process taught me to unmute myself. With this master’s degree I am hoping to pursue a career that allows me to put my research skills and interest in audiovisual work into practice, in particular in the field of linguistics or linguistic anthropology.”

Tacit Traces - Simone Loth