Space For Artistic Practice

Dilara Erzeybek

Space for Artistic Practice (2021) follows two artists named Paolo and Rika from artist community Treehouse NDSM in Amsterdam. The film includes comparative portraits of Rika and Paolo, and this reflects on the diversity of the roles and intentionality’s of artists. From her research findings, the filmmaker argues that artists need to have a space where they can create their own environment, that can lead them to certain experiences. The goal is to get into a mental state where everyday life and obligations can be forgotten, and artistic process can take place. This indicates that artists have diverse lives and that argues in favor of not seeing artists too much as one thing.

Non ordering principles, but natural thinking and the opportunity to move freely is an example of how Paolo’s artistic process and the role of space in it could be explored. On the other hand, Rika has an approach that needs her workspace to be segmented according to her own preferences and rules, in order to enable artistic process.

The filmmaker is fascinated by the intentionality of artistic practice that reflects on the state of the society in which it is created. The film argues that in this way, artists can even provide us with an instrument that allows for a better understanding of a culture in time and space, by capturing its zeitgeist.

Poster - Space for Artistic Practice



Dilara Erzeybek
Dilara Erzeybek

I chose the master Visual Ethnography because it offers room for artistic expression and experimentation to deliver research material. Visual Ethnography has taught me to understand the importance of involving my own insight in research and the way research subjects understand their own experience. For my research, I used observational cinema in registering and studying my participant’s artistic practices and processes, which are about sounds, gestures, atmosphere, colors, emotions, movement, spaces, and which are all aspects that can be portrayed so well in an ethnographic film. In my view, this allows me to present and explore “everything at once”. Besides that, I like to engage in creative practices myself and creating a film has been an activity in which I could explore my own interests in art and find ways to make a creative connection between form and content.

Space For Artistic Practice - Dilara Erzeybek