Saving Women

Lian Hof

Saving Women (Life at the Netherlands Fire Service) follows women during their job as female firefighters. It shows how these women navigate a work field that is still dominated by men. The film is inspired by the question whether lack of female representation poses a problem, on both a societal level and for the women that work in the field themselves. Their daily realities are shown in relation to matters of diversity and inclusivity. It discovers their stories, throughout their interaction with their coworkers.

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Lian Hof
Lian Hof

My name is Lian Hof (25) and I chose this master because I wanted to make films. To me, the untold story is of the utmost importance. All people have a story, but not everything is, can be, or has to be shared. People that open up to share their experiences, their thoughts and time, offer new perspectives. It can show the world in all its complexities and vulnerabilities. This master handed me the tools to go above and beyond what I deemed possible for audiovisual storytelling, while reminding me how important it is to stay curious and have empathy towards people.

Saving Women - Lian Hof