Riding a cold ripple

Evi Kasman

‘Riding a cold ripple’ is a short ethnographic film exploring the experience of stoke among various surfers throughout Scheveningen, The Hague. Even though waves in Scheveningen are often considered mediocre from an international perspective, a tight community of surfers has developed who enter the water year-round, even when temperatures drop below zero. Stoke itself can best be described as a type of energy found within surfers that they share, experience together and individually, and that influences them on a daily basis. Following four participants, the researcher herself included, the film explores the feeling of being stoked, something that can be felt, but not at all times put into words.

Poster - Riding a cold ripple



Evi Kasman
Evi Kasman

Evi Milou Kasman is a twenty-seven-year old beginning visual ethnographer. Evi majored in South and Southeast Asian Studies (undergraduate) and in Visual Ethnography (graduate) at Leiden University. She is interested in creating more films concerning movement and moving bodies, providing a similar experience to watching a dance unfold on stage.

Riding a cold ripple - Evi Kasman