You can visit LUVE for free! Please keep in mind the following practicalities.

Corona measurements

We follow the advice as provided by the Dutch government concerning COVID-19. This means that we need to scan the CoronaCheck QR-code of every visitor at the entrance, together with their ID-card.

Drinks & food

It will be possible to buy drinks at the festival! Details concerning the food will be shared through our social media accounts in the coming weeks, so keep up with our social media for more information on that.


Luvefest is an English event. Most of the graduated students have made documentaries in the Netherlands with Dutch-speaking protagonists. Those documentaries are subtitled in English.


De Buurt is easily accessible on foot or by bike, with a ten minute walk from Leiden Central Station. If you plan to visit by car, it is recommended to park in Morspoort Garage. De Buurt is accessible for wheelchairs.

Address: Pesthuislaan 7, Leiden