Not My Truth

Alice Elliott

In Not My Truth, I explore the Dutch-speaking truth seeker community, which consists of people who claim that the corona restrictions are a first step towards a dystopian, global, totalitarian regime. Using a reflexive approach, the film discusses both the thoughts and experiences of my participants being part of this community, as well as those of me doing this research project.

Poster - Not My Truth



Alice Elliott
Alice Elliott

Alice (23): “It was during my bachelor in anthropology that I discovered that I actually wanted to make films. So when I first heard about the VE master’s programme – where I could combine my passion for anthropology and film – I immediately knew that this was what I had to do. Though the Covid-19 pandemic forced me to do the entire master’s from home, turning this year into a challenging experience that made me face and sometimes cross my own limits, it also allowed me to study a newborn and rapidly growing online community.”

Not My Truth - Alice Elliot