Eat The Artifact

Emma Regeni

By considering food making as a way to reenact diasporic memories and cultural identity among Indo-Surinamese migrants in the Netherlands, “Eat the Artifact” attempts to link people and objects in a non-linear way. The project elaborates on the mutually constitutive relationship between bodies and food, and on cooking as a performance. The exploration of alternative modalities to do research on embodied knowledge resulted in the production of a series of Surinamese traditional food in ceramics, in which physical objects are handled as meaningful cultural constructs rather than inert matter.

Poster - Eat the Artifact



Emma Regeni
Emma Regeni

Emma Regeni (Udine 1997) lives and works in The Hague, NL:

“This year has been about learning how to adapt to the circumstances while keeping touch with what makes me, me. The Visual Ethnography master programme has represented an ideal platform in this regard, challenging me to strive toward my vision and providing a stimulating environment of growth and collaboration.”


Sharine Rijsenburg

How do those who are displaced experience belonging without having a fixed place to call home? And how does the space we live in influence our sense of home? Paradijsvogels explores belonging in relation to (Dutch) Caribbean migration by focusing on the rhythms of everyday life in a temporary co-housing community in Rotterdam. While waiting for a permanent home, the inhabitants find themselves in limbo; a state where home is made out of memories of the past and dreams for the future. Focusing on everyday encounters between the residents and their movements in this confined space in which time seems to stand still this film captures how home is experienced as more than just a physical place.

Poster - Paradijsvogels



Sharine Rijsenburg
Sharine Rijsenburg

The biggest thing I have learned this year is how to listen in order to really understand. In other words, Visual Ethnography introduced me to the different aspects of the ‘art of noticing’. Learning these skills have helped me to engage with reflexive research while keeping aware of my own authenticity and identity as both a researcher and filmmaker.

Having a background in Media studies I hoped this master would help me gain a deeper understanding of the social aspects within the process of ‘making media’. Having finalized this master I can honestly say that it was not the just visual part of the program that interested me most but it really is the combination between anthropological theory, methods and visual approach that has stolen my heart.

Connecting by Disconnecting

Christien van de Pavert

The short film ‘Connecting by Disconnecting’ gives a glimpse into the daily lives of the Dutch off-gridders Alowieke and Liesbeth. Their houses are not connected to the grid which means they have to provide for their own electricity and water. On the one hand, being off-grid allows them to live more independent lifestyles. On the other hand, it makes them more aware of their connection to their local environments. From January to March, the filmmaker visited Alowieke and Liesbeth regularly and explored their quest for environmental sustainability by off-grid living through an observational film style.

Poster - Connecting by Disconnecting



Christien van de Pavert
Christien van de Pavert

Christien van de Pavert is a 25-year-old visual anthropologist living in Leiden. During the bachelor of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University, she found joy in combining academic research with the creative aspect of visual methods. She decided to further develop these interests during the master’s program. The biggest thing she had to learn this year is to trust the process.

The Projects 2021

LUVE 2021

Connecting by Disconnecting - Christien van de Pavert
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Eat The Artifact - Emma Regeni
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What ever happened to Jean Rouch’s 2CV - Jerome Blumberg
WaterWays - Geerte Rietveld
Back - Lenne Michiels
Manga Mine - Jonas Bach
Tacit Traces - Simone Loth
How Can I Help? - Lotte Fillerup
(Un)Limited Pleasure - Linde Voorend
Touching Absence - Flore Hoekstra
Dear Happiness - Evina van Marrewijk
Crowd Surfing - Roos Daemen
Not My Truth - Alice Elliot
Space For Artistic Practice - Dilara Erzeybek
In The Moment - Maxime Scharrenberg
Help wanted - a female caregiver to the rescue - Dora Intzirtzi
Saving Women - Lian Hof
Riding a cold ripple - Evi Kasman