In The Moment

Maxime Scharrenberg

‘In the Moment’: An ethnographic shortfilm by Maxime Scharrenberg. This observational film positions photography as the object of study. It illustrates how Nikki van de Poel and Sander Coers, two contemporary photographers, translate their subjective ideas of beauty and that of the body through their photographic process. Intimate access into the photographers’ engagement with the female body in their work provides lived experience of how each individual explores beauty in collaboration with the photographed: Loutje Hoekstra and Vera van Buuren. The film argues that this exchange is a process which, in this case, enables the photographer to construct notions of beauty and that of the body through their experiential and relational exchange.

Poster - In the Moment



Maxime Scharrenberg
Maxime Scharrenberg

Maxime Scharrenberg is a visual anthropologist, filmmaker, and photographer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Through tying together a bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology gained from Utrecht University with the Visual Ethnography masters at Leiden University, Maxime has delved deep into visually creative explorations that involve her first love – photography. Her masters research brought to the fore how beauty can be envisioned through different perceptions, experiences, and relationships in the photographic process. 

In The Moment - Maxime Scharrenberg