Help wanted: a female caregiver to the rescue

Dora Intzirtzi

“Help wanted: a female caregiver to the rescue” is a partly autoethnographic experimental film about the female nurses of exclusive duty in Greece. Self-employed nurses provide care to only one patient at a time at the hospitals or/and at homes, covering the gap in terms of exclusive caregiving caused by state inefficiencies. The majority of the nurses of exclusive duty are women and immigrants while some of them work illegally with or without a nursing diploma. Through online conversations and poetic montage, Dora Intzirtzi explores the perspectives, experiences, and emotions of three nurses of exclusive duty, and juxtaposes theirs with her experience as a granddaughter of grandparents that were taken care of by a nonprofessional caregiver.

Poster - Help wanted: a female caregiver to the rescue



Dora Intzirtzi
Dora Intzirtzi

Dora Intzirtzi is a filmmaker and visual ethnographer from Athens (Greece). After finishing her bachelor’s in History and Archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, she decided to follow her passion in filmmaking and she completed a Certificate of Attendance in Film studies. Her work in short films and video projects and the experience of the Summer School “Visual Ethnography of Cityscapes” at the Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA) motivated her to join the master’s program in Visual Ethnography at Leiden University, from which she just graduated. She has made four short documentaries. “Made in Absence”, her second and co-directed film, concerns the topics of absence and imagination in Greek cultural heritage and it was screened on the 9th Athens Ethnographic Film Festival (Ethnofest). Her recent experience of doing this master’s program made her interested in delving more into anthropology, focused on medical anthropology and anthropology of gender.

Help wanted - a female caregiver to the rescue - Dora Intzirtzi