LUVE 2021

Connecting by Disconnecting - Christien van de Pavert
Paradijsvogels - Sharine Rijsenburg
Eat The Artifact - Emma Regeni
WeChat where the home is - Tamara Uildriks
Reading Fragments In The Flow - Chen Zhang
What ever happened to Jean Rouch’s 2CV - Jerome Blumberg
WaterWays - Geerte Rietveld
Back - Lenne Michiels
Manga Mine - Jonas Bach
Tacit Traces - Simone Loth
How Can I Help? - Lotte Fillerup
(Un)Limited Pleasure - Linde Voorend
Touching Absence - Flore Hoekstra
Dear Happiness - Evina van Marrewijk
Crowd Surfing - Roos Daemen
Not My Truth - Alice Elliot
Space For Artistic Practice - Dilara Erzeybek
In The Moment - Maxime Scharrenberg
Help wanted - a female caregiver to the rescue - Dora Intzirtzi
Saving Women - Lian Hof
Riding a cold ripple - Evi Kasman