Eat The Artifact

Emma Regeni

By considering food making as a way to reenact diasporic memories and cultural identity among Indo-Surinamese migrants in the Netherlands, “Eat the Artifact” attempts to link people and objects in a non-linear way. The project elaborates on the mutually constitutive relationship between bodies and food, and on cooking as a performance. The exploration of alternative modalities to do research on embodied knowledge resulted in the production of a series of Surinamese traditional food in ceramics, in which physical objects are handled as meaningful cultural constructs rather than inert matter.

Poster - Eat the Artifact



Emma Regeni
Emma Regeni

Emma Regeni (Udine 1997) lives and works in The Hague, NL:

“This year has been about learning how to adapt to the circumstances while keeping touch with what makes me, me. The Visual Ethnography master programme has represented an ideal platform in this regard, challenging me to strive toward my vision and providing a stimulating environment of growth and collaboration.”

Eat The Artifact - Emma Regeni