Drag Kings and Creatures

Sarah Bozuwa

Drag Kings and Creatures: On the exploration of one’s gender identity and one’s self-development

Drag Kings and Creatures is a project about drag kings and creatures in The Netherlands.
What does drag kinging mean for someone? What is a drag creature? How can drag contribute to one’s self-development? This project aims to convey the power and complexity of drag and its various forms and expressions through the method of zine-making. I invite you to flip and wander through the pages of my zine and learn more about drag kings and creatures.

Poster - Drag Kings and Creatures


Sarah Bozuwa
Sarah Bozuwa

Sarah Bozuwa is a visual anthropologist based in The Hague. She is curious about the world and the people around her; especially with regard to their gendered aspects. Sarah is passionately about theatre, film, photography and art, and likes to use these aspects in her work and research.

Drag Kings and Creatures - Sarah Bozuwa
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