Dear Happiness

Evina van Marrewijk

In the short documentary DEAR HAPPINESS, four Dutch millennials: Lin, Gianni, Jana and Arjuna, go on a journey together with the filmmaker (also a millennial) in search for their meaning of happiness. While being under the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, with society on lockdown and a curfew after 9 p.m., they try to find out what happiness is for them, why, and how they relate to its presence and absence in their lives. The film uses collaborative, experimental ethnographic filmmaking, combining the various artistic disciplines of the participants with anthropology to evoke sensory experiences and reflexivity.

Poster - Dear Happiness



Evina van Marrewijk
Evina van Marrewijk

Evina van Marrewijk is a 26-year-old visual anthropologist based in the Netherlands. She finished her bachelor’s Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht and has a creative background in theatre and dance:

“The master Visual Ethnography at Leiden University allowed me to combine creativity and anthropology. I always try to find ways to include both artistic and ethnographic elements in my storytelling. The biggest thing I’ve learned this year is to be at peace with the constant discomfort of not knowing, and how this turned out to be the core of a fascinating (visual) journey.”

Dear Happiness - Evina van Marrewijk