Crowd Surfing

Roos Daemen

Scheveningen Noord has become a crowded surf place with the popularization of the surf sport. Following experienced surfer Mark and beginner surfer Suzy, documentary maker and beginner surfer Roos explores how the crowdedness at Dutch surf spot Scheveningen Noord influences the social aspect in the water. Who has the right to catch the waves when beginner surfers and experienced surfers compete for the same waves? And how does the increased danger of collisions contribute to tensions in the water?

Poster - Crowd Surfing



Roos Daemen
Roos Daemen

Roos Daemen is a 25-year-old documentary filmmaker and visual anthropologist based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Roos finished a bachelor in cultural anthropology and a master in visual ethnography at Leiden University. During her studies she specialised in photography and graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague (KABK). Furthermore, she was a reporter and presenter for several cultural organisations, among others; Oerol Festival, Kunstbende and Museumnacht Leiden. Her interests lie with topics such as identity, power dynamics and art forms (film, photography, theatre, dance etc.), and in her work she wants to explore how different art forms can be used to draw attention to social issues. For the project ‘Crowd surfing’ she made a magazine and a short documentary film.

Crowd Surfing - Roos Daemen