Lenne Michiels

BACK is an interactive desktop documentary. It was created in a year in which a lot of us became familiar with remote working due to COVID-19. Interestingly digital nomads have been working remotely already for years. This i-doc gives the audience a chance to research the dynamics between emotional sustainability and digital nomadism. What influences the emotional state of being of those ‘digital nomads’ and to which extent does this make the lived experience as a digital nomad tentable, durable and desired for a longer time?

Poster - Back



Lenne Michiels
Lenne Michiels (24)

“The power of image and sound to generate surprising insights and emotions has always fascinated me. I believe that it creates a chance to make complicated topics accessible for a broad public without losing its complexity. For years now it has been my dream to work with this ‘magic’ and I believe the masters programme gave me a taste of how much (hard work, but also) fun it is to proceed this dream! I have not only learned the technicalities of doing visual research and working towards a multimodal output, I have also learned a lot about my own way of working and how much a supporting group of people around you can mean in a year of crisis.”

Back - Lenne Michiels